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Flight Training

Thinking about learning to fly?  Wausau Flying Service can help you reach your goals!  Whether you're just starting out, looking to fine tune your skills, or wanting to add on an endorsement or rating, we'll help you get it done.

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Most pilots begin flying by working towards their Private Pilot certificate.  Allowing you to fly for fun or for personal business, the Private Pilot certificate is often the first step many pilots take toward more licenses and ratings.

Created to help make flying more affordable, the Sport Pilot certificate is one of the most affordable ways to get started in aviation. Though there are more restrictions on Sport Pilots than Private Pilots, but flying will be no less fun!

While the majority of pilots learn to fly in airplanes with tricycle landing gear, by earning your tailwheel endorsement, you open yourself to a whole new world of aviation.

Once you have earned your private pilot certificate, one of the next steps for many pilots is obtaining their instrument rating.  This will allow you to safely and comfortably operate in more challenging weather conditions (low clouds and low visibility).

Basic Aerobatic Training

Aerobatics is all about having fun. We offer Sportsman category aerobatic instruction, to include maneuvers such as: spins, loops, rolls, hammerheads and competition turns. Take your flying to a new level and truly enjoy the 'third' dimension.

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