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Pilot for a Day


Pilot for a Day is back for 2023!


This course includes a ground school in the morning presenting three important aviation subjects:

- Aerodynamics - what makes an airplane fly

- Stick & Rudder - how to control an airplane in the air

- FAA license options - the different faces of general aviation and what you can do with your pilot certificate.

You will then have the opportunity to get behind the controls and actually fly an airplane between Wausau and Merrill. This flight you will share with another "Pilot for a Day". Each of you will get the chance to fly one leg of the flight and then ride on the other half.

When you are done you'll know if you want to become a pilot for life!

Children under the ages of 18 will need parents permission.

Ages 12-14 must attend with an parent and 15 and above require a parent permission forum before the flight lesson.

2023 Dates are Sold Out

We will release 2024 Dates in mid-late Fall! 

April 15 - 16, 2023

May 6 - 7, 2023 

July 8 - 9, 2023

August 19 - 20, 2023

Want to fly a vintage training plane instead? Check out Air Cadet for a Day 


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