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Scenic Flights

Come experience the magic of flight! Rides last for approximately 20 minutes and you will have the opportunity to experience Central Wisconsin from a completely different perspective. We can take anywhere from 1-3 people per flight for a round-trip tour of the Wausau area for only $120. Get a whole new view on our beautifiul region! 
Frequently Asked Questions
  • When can I schedule a flight?

Flights are typically scheduled year-round, seven days a week between 8:00am - 5:00pm, depending on aircraft / pilot availability. If a later flight is needed, we can typically accomodate those as well. 

  • How many people can go on a flight?

Flights can take up to 3 passengers. 

  • What is the cost?

Flights cost $120 per flight, not per person and last approximately 20 minutes. 

  • What kind of airplane will we fly?

We use the four-seat Cessna 172 Skyhawk for all scenic flights. 

  • Are there any age restrictions?

Any age can fly! Children under the age of 14 must fly with a parent or guardian and those aged 14-18 must have a signed permission slip if flying without a parent on board. For those children who use a booster seat / car seat, we recommend bringing those for the flight as we can seat them in the airplane. 

  • Are there any weight / size restrictions?

Total passenger weight across 3 people must not exceed 620 pounds. We want you to have a safe, comfortable flight so if you have any concerns about fitting into the aircraft, please contact us before scheduling and we can help. It is at the pilot's discretion to make sure the flight is safe and they have the final say in whether an individual can fly or not. 

  • Can I take a longer flight outside of Wausau?

Yes! We can do custom scenic flights to fly over property, landmarks, etc. depending on how far you are going and how many people you are taking. We are not allowed to land at other airports or pick up passengers anywhere but the Wausau Downtown Airport. Additional fees for custom flights will apply; if you are interested in pricing a longer scenic flight, contact us before scheduling. 

  • Do I get to fly the airplane?

Depending on the flight conditions, you may! Our ride pilots are also Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) and the aircraft have full dual controls. If the conditions are appropriate and you request it from your pilot, they may let you take the controls of the aircraft for a part of the flight. 

To schedule a flight or purchase a gift certificate, contact us at 715.848.6000 or Please include any days / times you are looking to fly, how many passengers you want to have flown, and the approximate weight of each passenger. 

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