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"Orange Roughy"

1941 BOEING STEARMAN  |  A75N1  |  N55170

Step back in time with Wausau Flying Service's Boeing Stearman, lovingly known as Orange Roughy! Available for tailwheel instruction and flight experiences like Air Cadet for a Day, you can get hands-on with a WWII training aircraft and experience flight in an open cockpit biplane.  Flights are offered throughout the flying season of May - October (weather dependent). You don't ride in Orange will fly!
Flight Experiences
Biplane Experience Flight (30 minutes) - $275
Stearman Familiarization Flight (60 minutes) - $450
To schedule a flight or purchase a gift certificate, contact us at 715.848.6000 or
Air Cadet for a Day

As an Air Cadet for a Day, you will be taken back to 1941 and get hands-on with our Stearman biplane "Orange Roughy". Training includes the following:

  • First you’ll attend ground school explaining the cadet flight training experience during WWII.

  • Second you’ll be briefed regarding our 1941 Boeing Stearman, the primary trainer flown by cadets.

  • Third, you’ll be shown how to control and fly the airplane. Briefings last about 30-45 minutes with breaks in between to tour the airplane and answer questions.

  • Finally you will take the controls of our open cockpit biplane for a 30 or 60 minute flight experience, depending on how much flying you want to do. You will not WILL fly!


You do not need to be a pilot to participate in Air Cadet for a Day and anyone ages 13 and up can take part. Pricing ranges between $299 - $475 depending on flight time and gift certificates are available. Also included in the experience is an "Orange Roughy" t-shirt.

Orange Roughy History
  • Model Design A75N1

  • Customer - U.S. Army

  • Designation - PT-17

  • Cost: $10,136 (1941)

  • Engine - Continental R-670-5

  • Horsepower 220

  • Accepted AAC - 11/10/1941

  • Service History

    • Thompson Robbins Field, West Helena Arkansas - Helena Aero Tech 11/15/41-10/13/42

    • Fletcher Field, Clarksdale Mississippi - Clarksdale School of Aviation 10/13/1942 - 10/17/1943

    • Carlstrom Field, Arcadia Florida - Embry Riddle Company 10/17/43-07/05/44

    • Pryor Field, Decatur Alabama - Southern Airways Inc.

    • Retired from military service 07/02/1945


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