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John Wood Challenge Cup

The first annual John Wood Challenger Cup will take place the Saturday morning of the Balloon Rally, July 13, 2013, at the Wausau Downtown Airport. 


The race course is Wausau (KAUW) - Antigo (KAIG) - Merrill (KRRL) - Wausau.  Pilots interested in particiapting will submit an entry stating how long they think it will take you to fly the course.  (You are racing against yourself, NOT other pilots).  The goal is to come as close as possible to your stated time without beating it (being faster than you thought).


Pilots who fly faster than they figured "break out" and are recorded on a separate list.  Break-outs will be listed starting with those the closest to their entry time.  Should all participants break out, the closest times will be the winners.  Awards will be given to the top three pilots.


Two more awards will be given, one to the fastest plane, and one to the slowest, regardless of whether they broke out or "sandbagged" (purposely flew slower than usual to not beat their estimated time).

-Official Rules-

- All planes and pilots must be in good standing with the FAA and abide by all rules and regulations

- A navigator may ride along

- The "pylon" that must be flown around is the intersection of the runways at both Antigo and Merrill

- The pylon must be photographed by the pilot or (preferably) the navigator to prove you rounded the points

- The timer will start when the throttle is advanced for takeoff and will end when you've flown past a ground reference point at Wausau

- The fastest airplanes will takeoff first, slowest last, so minimal passing should take place

- Any type of navigation aid may be used (GPS, iPads, sectionals, etc...)

- You are welcome to fly the course on a practice run prior to the morning of the race

- Participants should plan to attend a briefing at 8:00am Saturday morning, July 13, at Wausau Flying Service

- Safety is paramount.  The PIC is responsible for ensuring the flight is operated safely and in accordance with FAR's.  When flying

  around pylons, remain clear of the traffic pattern at the airports

- Have fun!

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