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We're Jet Friendly!


We might be a small town airport, but we can handle some of the largest business jets! 


With many services and amenities to suit your needs, we strive to make your visit to Wausau and the Central Wisconsin area easy and enjoyable.


Prior to your Arrival...


We've got you covered before you even get here.


Need a rental car?  We can help make reservations with various companies in town.  Would you rather have a limo?  We can do that too.  We'll even call a taxi for you when you're on your way in if that's all you need.


How about a hotel room?  We'll give you our best recommendations for nearby lodging.


If you'd like the airplane hangared we may be able to help you with that too.  With over 20,000 square feet of heated hangar space, we can accomodate aircraft up to a Gulfstream G-IV or Falcon 900/2000.  Please call us in advance for details and reservations.



When you get here...


We'll marhsall you into a convenient parking spot when you arrive on our ramp.


Do you want your or your passengers' ground transportation plane-side?  We have three convenienct access gates to the ramp area.


How about some fuel to get home?  We'd love to help you out with our competitvly priced fuel.  Our jet truck can fuel either over-wing or single-point.  And our jet fuel is pre-mixed with FSII.  Don't forget to ask about a volume discount.


If you're staying for the day, a crew car is the perfect way to run into town for a bite at a great local eatery.  We'd be happy to point you in the right direction.


Before you leave...


Of course we have P.I.C. (Papers, Ice, Coffee).  Please make your newspaper requests the afternoon prior to departure.


Do you need catering for the flight home?  We work with several different companies in town, and can find almost anything you're looking for. 


Do you want to heat or cool the plane prior to departure?  We have a ground power unit we'd be happy to plug into the plane for you, all the way through the engine start if that's what you want.

And that's not all!


  • 5,198 x 100 foot runway easily accomodates most business jets

  • RNAV LPV instrument approaches with minimums down to 200-3/4 for both Runways 13 and 31

  • BP Turbo Oil 2380 and  Mobil Jet II oil available

  • We're centrally located just minutes from downtown Wausau and surrounding communities

  • Mu computer for accurate runway braking action reports in winter

  • NOTAMs updated at least daily during snowy weather

  • Completely fenced in airport for security and wildlife

  • TKS Fluid available for "weeping wing" aircraft

  • Light detailing services may be available (call ahead for information please)



Please call us at 715-845-3400 or email us with any other questions you may have.


We'd love to see you here!

© 2024 by Wausau Flying Service, Inc.

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